Hello, I'm Amy Hogue.

I'm a Full Stack Developer.

A three-year-old misspelled 'Amy' and gave me the nickname 'Yam.' It stuck.



I am working on a remote Dev Internship with Veracity Media (based in D.C.) where I'm learning to convert Ruby to PHP, intersect code with CMS systems like WordPress and NationBuilder, design email templates and contribute to Slack banter regularly. It's a dream. After my internship is complete, I'll be looking for dev work where I can work with people who value life experiences and diversity so I can have with coworkers who show grit and creativity.

Before coding:

  • 2 years as a Nutrition Educator

  • 2 years in Clinical Research

  • 2 years as a Case Manager for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


I've traveled to 17 countries and my experiences include: teaching English to Monks in Nepal and working on an archaeology field project in Peru.

I even learned to code in Brazil in 2017. I got good at Ruby and remained terrible at Portuguese.

I Also Like:

Writing · Comedy · Yoga · Humans · Trivia · Adventure · Podcasts · Cooking · Mountains · Change · Staying Woke · Candy

Sample Work

Who cooks

Meal Train

Simplifies meal trains. Connect with friends, save your recipes, see a calendar of planned meals.

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Find a Local Tutor

A marketplace platform for teachers to post lessons and students to book classes Uber style: quick and easy.

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New thought

New Thought

A complete overhaul of this Colorado church's webiste (Here's the original)

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Chef mate

Book a Chef

Amateur and home chefs host meal experiences; eaters book a gormet homecooked meal

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Denver pools

Denver Pools

Denver's best pool cleaning and maintence service

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Currently, I'm freelancing and contracting with a Mexico City-based start up. Check out my Github to see what I'm working on. Or you can always ask me

Tools and Languages

I'm dedicated to learning new technologies and expanding the base that I already have. These are my main tools.






Ruby on Rails